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Good Samaritan who shot and killed man attacking deputy in Florida cleared of charges


The Florida State Attorney’s Office has cleared an armed citizen of wrongdoing after he shot and killed a man who was attacking a Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy.

35-year-old Ashad Russell was cleared of charges stemming from when he opened fire on suspect Edward Strother on November 14 of last year, after giving verbal commands for Strother to stop assaulting LCSO Deputy First Class Dean Bards, whom Stother was beating to a pulp in the middle of an Interstate 75 exit.

“Our agency review is closed and no further action action shall be taken by this office based upon the facts presented by this investigation and the applicable law,” a statement from the state attorney’s office read.

The identity of Russell -a Concealed Weapons Permit holder- was not initially released for several months after the incident. While the Lee County Sheriff’s Officer determined the citizen had a right to engage  Strother, the ultimate decision to press charges or not rested with the state.

Bardes was working a traffic stop when Strother nearly ran him over, resulting in Bardes taking off on a high-speed chase. Unfortunately, Bardes did not have the upper hand upon dismount and was forced to the ground by Strother, who attacked Bardes and went for his service pistol.

Upon observation of the scene, Russell ordered Strother to stop before opening fire.

Russell thanked the state attorney’s office and Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott in a statement secured by WINK News, applauding their “their prompt review of the incident and for respecting his privacy until the investigation was completed.”

“Mr. Russell and his family will continue to pray for everyone involved, especially the gentleman that passed away, and all those who witnessed the incident that day,” the statement continued.

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  1. why were charges even a consideration?
    This is how you get people passing you by saying “Haill Naw, I might get charged with some dumb shit for trying to help that officer.”

    Florida LEO… I DONT GY6
    Go take to your states atty offiice

  2. The leaves out Russel was a convicted felon whom served his time and successfully petitioned for the restoration of his rights which gave him the legal right to excersise his 2nd Amendment Rights; and thank god he did!

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