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Good Samaritan shoots man attacking deputy, after deputy gave suspect a ride


An armed citizen is being hailed as a heroine for shooting a suspect that was brutally assaulting a Georgia deputy in the town of Dawsonville.

The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the altercation, which took place at a local gas station Tuesday afternoon.

The incident unfolded after the notoriously charitable 20-year deputy gave an individual a courtesy ride to the gas station. However, the situation quickly turned violent when the lawman offered the individual some pocket change, prompting the suspect to punch the deputy in the head while attempting to seize his issued sidearm.

Reacting quickly, the armed citizen drew her sidearm and shot the suspect, who then disengaged the deputy and attempted to flee into a McDonald’s parking lot, where he began to assault an elderly woman.

Not long after initiating his second attack, the violent man was subdued by bystanders until deputies arrived to haul him away.

The injured deputy -along with the suspect- was transported to the hospital for treatment.

According to 11Alive, DCSO Sheriff Jeff Johnson had nothing but good things to say about the woman who opened fire.

“If you watch the video, I truthfully believe that she’s a hero, I believe that she saved this officer’s life,” he said. “I don’t know how far the suspect would have went with the assault. But once she intervened, she stopped the assault.”

Chalk up one more for a good guy -or in this case, a good gal- with a gun.

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