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Girl from infamous McDonald’s gang attack a menace at Rikers Island


She’s one of the most violent offenders taking up residence on Rikers Island in New York. Day after day, she is kept in a special unit and is forced to wear mittens for the protection of those around her- and she’s still a teenager.

Aniah Ferguson earned her infamy in 2015 -after leading a gang-beating on a girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s- an incident that landed her in Rikers.

Since then, Ferguson has made a name for herself in the prison over the past five months, including 10 infractions, punching a jail captain, hurling chairs, smearing butter on security cameras and attacking other inmates.

Aniah Ferguson
Aniah Ferguson

“Even in a secure location like Rikers, she is a threat to others,” prosecutor Janet Gleeson said.

Bordering on criminally-insane, Ferguson has to wear mittens in order to protect those around her.

“She has to have mittens because of how abusive and dangerous she is to staff and other people,” Gleeson said.

While Ferguson’s lawyers think the 19-year-old human hand grenade deserved to go to juvenile instead of adult prison, Gleeson thinks not even Riker’s is suitable for the McDonald’s Monster.

“Most people can be saved, most children can be saved, but this is no child,” Gleeson responded. “This is a violent individual who is going to continue to be violent and never stop being violent . . . I have no doubt Aniah Ferguson will be back in this building.”

In 2015, Ferguson brutally beat 16-year-old Ariana Taylor for three minutes, stomping her in the head until she went limp and others intervened.

Berserk with rage, Ferguson was stripped to only her bra during the struggle but continued to beat Taylor.

Though she pled guilty, Ferguson was sent to a psych facility until a doctor released her. Unfortunately, she stopped taking her medication less than 48-hours into her stint and began attacking anyone she could get her claws into. She was diagnosed with the vague condition known as “conduct disorder,” which is hard to treat.

Ferguson is notoriously violent- the mother of one and Folk Nation gang member has been known to  harm family members, too, stabbing her own brother and beating her grandmother up.

According to the New York Daily News, the 19-year-old is scheduled for sentencing later this month.


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