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It Gets Worse: Anthony Weiner accused of graphic, deviant online relationship with 15-year-old


A high school sophomore is speaking out about the months–long relationship she had with Anthony Weiner which involved role playing, rape fantasies and lewd sex talk– via different chat forums including Skype and Kik.

In one exchange, the girl told Weiner that her father was very protective. Weiner reportedly told her he fantasized about coming to her house when her dad was out of town so he could undress her forcefully. He asked her if she wanted to be dominated, the teen said.

Weiner commented on her “insane body” and talked about how she must get lots of men looking at her in the gym, the Mail reported.  In one particularly obscene text message, Weiner wrote: “I would bust that tight p–sy so hard and so often that you would leak and limp for a week.”

The unidentified girl eventually went to her father and a teacher in April, and told them about her relationship with Weiner.

The girl’s father told the Daily Mail that if he ever met the disgraced former lawmaker, there would be “no words” and that he would end up in jail.

He says his daughter is a very bright girl who suffered through depression as a result of this sexting relationship with Weiner – which reportedly began in January after the teen contacted Weiner via Twitter.

She told him she was “obsessed” with him and was curious to know more about his life.

The 15-year-old sophomore told the Mail it was clear that Weiner was not her boyfriend because he talked to her about relationships he had with other women. He allegedly told her he signed up for numerous gym memberships just so he could watch 18-year-old college girls working out.

Weiner admitted to the teen that he was lonely and hadn’t had sex with his estranged wife—Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin — in over a year.

Abedin announced last month that she was dumping Weiner after a story surfaced about a 40-something divorcee her husband was sexting, which included a shirtless Weiner in bed, alongside his toddler son.

Weiner’s career began to crumble in 2011 after a picture of his crotch emerged online. At first, he claimed he was hacked, but after admitting he sent the racy photos, Weiner resigned from office.

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