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“Get The F— Away From Me:” Instagram’s Blizerian did return to Vegas shooting after fleeing; got yelled at by officer


New footage has surfaced of playboy, “King of Instagram” and Navy SEAL-washout Dan Bilzerian looking for the Las Vegas gunman- and then unsuccessfully trying to convince a local lawman to give him his rifle.

Bilzerian -who is seemingly filmed as much as a reality TV star- can be seen on an instagram video running behind a barrier as he and his cameraman search for the shooter. As the gunfire picks back up, Bilzerian pops his head over the berm just as (what appears to be) a Clark County Deputy slides for cover, armed with an AR15.

Bilzerian shows the deputy his carry permit (which he calls “credentials”) and repeatedly asks him for his carbine.

“No, get the f*** away from me right now,” the lawman said. “I don’t know who the f*** you are.”

“Jesus Christ,” Bilzerian replied, appearing to touch the deputy’s rifle, “Do you want to help?”

“Dude!” the deputy responded, reeling away. “You know better than that! I don’t who who the f*** you are.”

The deputy then proceeds to walk away from Bilzerian, tired of his shenanigans.

According to Popular Military, Bilzerian has received an intense amount of criticism for not doing more in the event, as well as referring to critic and Medal of Honor recipient as a “retard

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