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Georgia Woman Arrested For Threatening Officers on Facebook


A woman in East Point, Ga has been arrested after making racist threats toward police officers on Facebook using a false name.

In her Facebook post, Ebony Dickens, under the name Tiffany Milan, called for “death to all white cops nationwide.”


The post continued to say, “I thought about shooting every white cop I see in the head until I’m either caught by the police or killed by them… Might kill at least 15 tomorrow, I’m plotting now.”

Authorities rightfully took the post very seriously.

“That’s 15 people that she’s talking about killing within a day or so, so whether she is serious or not that’s something that we have to take seriously,” said East Point police Lt. Cliff Chandler.

According to WSB-TV, Dickens deleted the post Tuesday just hours before she was arrested. In less than 24 hours, officers searched Dickens’ condo and took her into custody. Officers seized computers, a cell phone and a firearm while conducting the search of the home.


Dickens is currently being charged with disseminating information related to terrorist acts. The East Point police will continue to investigate the matter, so more charges may be brought against her. The FBI is conducting their own investigation as well.

On Wednesday, Dickens will be transported to the Fulton County jail.

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  1. First of all, it is a crime to threaten anyone online, especially in such great detail, with so many marks mentioned. Secondly, cops don’t murder anyone. They occasionally shoot in self defense and the crooks die as a result of their injuries. There is a clear difference. There are a *rare* few cops out of a million that put on their uniform with murder in mind. Those rare few aren’t worth our time and attention.

    The majority of cops joined the force because they are patriotic, compassionate, good people who deeply love their communities and want to help. Because of their God given talents, they determined they could best help by being PEACE KEEPERS, which is what Law Enforcement Officers do. They do it for little pay in most situations and with minimal appreciation, despite the fact that they deserve our utmost respect. They do NOT deserve to be threatened, cursed at, assaulted or disrespected in any way.

    Finally, this lady obviously needs a reality check. Not only does she contradict herself by cursing in every sentence of both postings, she is entirely ignorant and misinformed about what LEOs actually do on a daily basis. If she has a problem with one officer – or even a few, she needs to report that to their superiors, not threaten every white cop in America. If she’d been watching the news, she’d see that the legitimate reports against cops are getting dealt with. All the threatening behaviors though, are coming from a deep place of ignorance as we’ve seen in both Ferguson and Baltimore.


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