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Georgia State troopers to finally receive pay raise they deserve


Georgia State Patrol officers will be getting a much-needed pay raise, according to the Governor Nathan Deal.

According to WSBTV, the governor held a news conference yesterday announcing a pay raise for all Georgia law enforcement officers- including the underpaid Georgia Patrol, which has the lowest starting pay in the nation.

Deal announced a 20% pay raise for state officers, giving them the highest base salary of any law enforcement agency in the state.

The $79 million in pay raises are part of Deal’s law enforcement reform, something Georgia Bureau of Investigations agent Cynthia Jackson says is long overdue.

We’re just glad that we’re finally getting something that we’ve been hoping for,” she said.

In addition to the raises, the governor proposed new training for law enforcement.

“We are increasing the number of courses that are required under the police legitimacy procedural justice and community racial relations curriculum,” Deal said.

An additional four hours will be added to the 11-week training program, adding courses involving such topics as use of force and de-escalation options, fostering positive community relations and introduction to cultural competency in policing.

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