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Georgia police chief defends officer’s actions in video that went viral


A 12-year-old “rapper” was arrested in Cobb County, Georgia, and the chief of the Cobb County Police is defending the actions of the officer who took him into custody.

12-year-old Corey Jackson (also known as “Lil C-Note”) was taken into custody earlier this month after he ignored multiple warnings of criminal trespass at the Cumberland Mall.

Jackson was illegally selling CDs without permission from the property owners, despite being warned twice not to do so.

When he refused to leave, a police officer took him by the arm, sending his aunt into a frenzy.

“All he was doing was holding the young man by the arm,” CCPD Chief Mike Register said, adding witnesses at the mall reported seeing the swing at the police officer in an attempt to escape.

Suddenly, Jackson’s aunt attacked the officer, who ordered the woman to stand down.

“You put your hands on my [expletive] nephew!” the woman shrieked.

The officer then turned his attention to the aunt while a second officer (who appears to be a bike cop or a security guard) took Jackson into custody.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, the woman was eventually tackled to the ground, and Chief Register insists that the woman escalated the situation for no reason.

On his Instagram page, Jackson said that he didn’t do anything wrong.

“He say I tried to brake [sic] his fingers, he say I cussed him & he say I pushed him!” he wrote. “Where in this video do it show I did anything but tell him I know my rights & then when he proceeded to try and drag me my auntie stepped in & got in between us to get tha #Police off me, cause he was treating me like uh lil rag dog he can sling around.”

Register has denied claims that the officer “manhandled” Jackson, who had previously attempted to flee.

“A lot of people have said that he was manhandled,” Register said. “The officer- all he was doing was holding the young man by the arm… I believe from the preliminary investigation that the officer was in his legal rights to detain the juvenile.”

An investigation has since been launched into the incident, something Register supports. In addition, body camera footage will also be reviewed, and potentially released to put the “short snippet” video posted to social media into context.

“I think it’s fair to the officer, the young man, the other people that were involved, the aunt and also the community,” he said. “We’ll gather the facts and when the facts are gathered, we’ll examine those facts and we will act accordingly.”

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