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Georgia deputy moved by family praying for him at traffic stop


A Georgia sheriff’s deputy was overcome with emotion when a traffic stop turned into a group of people offering to pray for him.

According to Fox8, Heard County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Wiggins pulled a man over for running a stop sign and was writing a ticket when two vehicles pulled in front of his car.

“As I get back out of my car, I see a man and a woman exiting the vehicles, my hand close to my gun and my heart pounding, all while still watching the driver of the truck,” Wiggins said in a Facebook post.

The gentleman from the vehicle identified himself as the father of the person the Deputy pulled over and explained that they were rushing to the hospital to visit a family member who had suffered a stroke.

“Before he left he grabbed my hand and asked to pray for me,” he said. “My heart sank and has he prayed for me and my brothers in blue my eyes filled with tears, I was at a loss for words, this man with all he had going on, stopped to pray for me.”

The Deputy expressed his gratitude and posted the dash cam footage to Facebook.


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