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“Gangsta” taunts police on social media, gets arrested, police get even on social media

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When police arrested a wanted man who mocked the Orem, Utah police department on social media, police taunted him right back.

According to WDTN, Orem police Lt. Craig Martinez said they were notified of the post days ago that showed a man standing in front of a patrol car and flashing gang signs.

The caption read: “What are this marranos doing in my hood they know We keep it Active eFe up.”

Martinez said Ramirez was known to police and was wanted for arrest. By Tuesday, 24-year-old Richard Ramirez was arrested for a misdemeanor assault case.


Police wasted no time in putting up their own social media post in regards to his “Marranos” comment:

Four problems:

  1. We didn’t know the 7-11 was your “Hood”, which is super gangsta because nothing makes you look tougher than throwing up gangs signs while sipping on a banana and blueberry slurpee.
  2. We knew who he was and knew that he had several warrants for his arrest.
  3. The City of Orem is our “Hood”.
  4. “Daaaaaaang Daniel, back at it again with the white vans”

So, since he obviously wanted our attention, what else could we do but give it to him. The 2nd picture is him throwing up some new gang signs (you can’t see them in the second pic because he is wearing cuffs) with Officer Larsen.

And……..when we found him he was with his other homie who also had warrants. Yes a 2fer!

#sorrynotsorry, #thepokeyisyournewhood”.

Credit: Facebook

Lieutenant Martinez said the police department responded publicly to the man after he publicly taunted them.

“We can do it right back,” Martinez said.

However, the police post got so much attention that the department decided to shield the post from public view because of inappropriate content, including vulgar language from the commenters.

“There were racist comments, commenters fighting with each other,” Martinez said. “It was getting so ugly.”


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