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Full Video: Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter gives motorists a show, urinates roadside during DUI arrest


Apparently, Florida and Montana just don’t mix.

Daughter of Laurence Fishburne and former adult actress Montana Fishburne made quite a spectacle of herself in March, after being pulled over for suspected DUI on a stretch of Interstate near Fort Lauderdale.

The 25-year-old was pulled over by Florida Highway Patrolman Juan Pinzon after she rear-ended a Range Rover and was found with a open wine bottle in the car.

Fishburne blew a .18 later that night, more than twice the blood-alcohol level deemed acceptable by the state of Florida.

Dash cam footage released to the Daily Mail by FHP shows Fishburne failing a field sobriety test, flailing about in a tight dress, flashing her hind-end at motorists and urinating in front of a trooper.

When the trooper initially demanded she undergo a field sobriety test, she cited her disdain of Donald Trump and said that “as a fellow Latino-American,” the trooper (Pinzon) should be more patient with her.

Pinzon was more than accommodating with the tipsy daughter of Morpheus, even keeping his cool when she stepped over the guardrail to urinate in front of him.

An exotic dancer by trade, Fishburne had no qualms exposing herself to either Pinzon or anyone in the state of Florida who happened to pass by on the Interstate.

‘I’m not tripping, I’m a f****** ratchet,’ she said on the video as she took a squat.

Pinzon eventually gets her in the back of the patrol vehicle, where Fishburne flirts with him and refers to him as her “bae.”

When the troopers scold her for drunk driving, she reportedly complained that she wouldn’t be sleeping in her own bed that night.

In mid-April, Fishburne pleaded not guilty and is preparing for a trial later this year, having bailed out on a $2,500 bond.

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  1. this lady is obviously drunk
    its a shame she kept everyone in jepardy being on the freeway for so long. But dumb asses like her wouldnt know or care about the dangers one faces on the freeway at that hour. Its obvious that she isnt wife material. thank God.


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