Home Videos Full Video: Deputy hits, kills reckless motorcyclist during chase that exceeded 100mph

Full Video: Deputy hits, kills reckless motorcyclist during chase that exceeded 100mph


SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (AP) — A Berkeley County sheriff’s deputy has been placed on leave after a chase ended in a fatal crash.

The Post and Courier reports (http://bit.ly/2orBHvY) that video footage released by the sheriff’s office shows Deputy James Vansant’s SUV colliding twice with 30-year-old Robert Lee Clark Jr.’s motorcycle Wednesday night.

Officials attribute the crash partly to Clark’s sharp braking and say that although Vansant did not swerve to avoid the collision, the contact did not appear purposeful.

Clark, who was wanted for speeding, lost control of the motorcycle after the collision and hit another car. He died at the scene. He was not wearing a helmet at the time. Marijuana was found on his body.

Vansant is on administrative leave pending an internal review and the South Carolina Highway Patrol’s investigation.


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  1. The cop hit him on purpose most likely trying to stop the chase but he him on purpose I am a biker myself so I know what I’m talking about sad the young man died because of a cops lack of knowledge. And a little bit of pot

    • Being a biker doens’t give you any special insight into what the cop did or did not do ‘on purpose’.

      I’m a biker, I don’t see any proof that the officer intended to hit the guy. They came pretty close multiple times, if the cop wanted to hit the bike, he had plenty of opportunity before that.

      The “young man” died not from the cops lack of knowledge, but because he was a criminal, driving over 100mph, frequently crossing into the opposing lane, putting peoples lives at risk at every single red light that he ran.

      That cruiser was never going to outrun the SUV. He was being reckless for the sake of it, maybe trying to show what a gangster biker he was. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Good riddance.

      • Amen! Trying to give this PoS a pass because he’s a biker is EXACTLY what’s wrong with so many of these comments! This deputy had the opportunity to ram this useless waste of space many times and didn’t. He reacted well every time the bike suddenly slowed in front of him and swerved all over the lane. I don’t know what video these bikers here watched, but speeds in excess of 100, and driving erratically over all lanes, isn’t a lawful motorist being abused by the police. This jackhole thought he could play games, thought he could nuke and brake and first got hit braking, then tried to juke into the cop, lost control, hit a stopped vehicle trying to maneuver around it, and ate shit. Good riddance! Hopefully they cremated him and his lump of shit bike!

    • If the idiot wouldn’t have run, this would’ve never happened. I’m not a biker and I know what I’m talking about.

  2. A death is almost always a tragic when you have idiots out there that run from the Police as he did. Most Dept’s these days have a no chase policy which is getting to be a seriously stupid policy. It all comes from bleeding heart liberals crying about guys like this getting injured. I also understand that innocent people can get hurt as well, but there has to be a happy medium or criminals will just keep getting more bold in what that do.

  3. Cop did good. Got an idiot off the road. Biker died, his fault for acting a fool. He chose to risk his life and the gamble didn’t pay off. Cop should get a high five and a pat on the back for doing what he did and getting another moron off the road. I feel no sadness for the bikers family because he didn’t feel anything for them by doing what he did and I feel no loss for the biker because all he was doing was doing stupid things.

    • Thats cold there bob . It was a dumb move to run but to die over it . the cop had his tag he could have backed off and picked dude up at his house. The cops win they can kill who they want when they want. So maybe ol bob you will find yourself in a routine traffic stopwith a trigger happy cop and be reaching for your vechicle info and get blasted too guess you deserved it too for being and idot and having your info in the wrong spot

      • Except when the courts say you can’t prove that the guy riding the bike wasn’t him, because you didn’t immediately apprehend him. So what if he’s the same shape, size, wearing the same clothes and owns the same bike with the same license plate. Defense attorney convinces the jury it MAYBE wasn’t him. Case closed, guy goes free. Your logic is flawed Leuis.

  4. Well again some one refused to obey lawful Yield to Law Enforcement Vehicle. If this person would pull over either get a Ticket or get Arrested for Reckless Driving. They would have possible Bailed out of Jail. If not gotten OR depend. What the State’s Laws or Booking policy’s maybe. Then the Family for the Biker would not planning Funeral. The County would not be facing Litigation right or wrong even a Public nu sense Law Suite. That in the end either the County, State or Officer shall be involved with now. Prayers to the Officer still had to see this incident end this way. No Officer likes things ending this way. As they are doing the Job as they where trained to do. God Bless you Depty. James Vansant. Be safe my Bro. rt LE CA:

  5. Biker driving like a flaming A-hole…. of course, the PD will say PO should have terminated the pursuit due to erratic and HIGH SPEED driving. But, midnight and little or no traffic. POS biker got what he deserved.

  6. Bottom line bad guys fault – shouldn’t have fled. Even though this pursuit was on the extreme side (speed and alot of red lights) I don’t have a problem with the pursuit itself. If they know all they have to do is go fast and we’ll let them go, everybody’s running. Felony evading / misdemeanor evading – different in almost every state, don’t matter. Somebody show me a department policy, criminal code or training course where we are trained or taught to “P.I.T., ram or bump” a motorcycle! Was lethal force justified in this pursuit? To physically make contact with a cycle at these speeds means almost certain death for the dumbass rider. YES, the stupid as all get out rider was wrong, but deadly force was not warranted.

  7. I was an officer for a good number of years and the officer’s decision to try and pit him at those speeds was insane. Not only the first tap, but the second especially. I’m not sure how the officer avoids criminal charges. Unless this guy was a murder suspect, had shot at officers etc, I see no justification. There was nothing accidental here. Just a very very stupid decision by the officer.


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