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Full body cam footage released of Denver Mayor’s son cussing out officer during traffic stop


The Denver Mayor’s son is out of control, and the tape tells the tale- body camera footage from earlier this year shows the young man threatening and berating an Aurora Police officer during a traffic stop.

22-year-old Jordan Hancock -the son of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock- was pulled over in March for going 25 MPH over the speed limit in the adjacent town of Aurora, where both Denver PD and Aurora PD share jurisdiction along a considerable chunk of the city border.

Caught by APD Officer Paul McClendon, Hancock was discovered to have been driving without a license.

Despite this, Hancock was belligerent and demanded McClendon hurry things along.

“This isn’t going to hurry up because you don’t have your driver’s license,” the officer said.

McClendon noticed that Hancock’s father was on the name of the vehicle’s registration papers and inquired for clarity.

“Jordan, how come this title is in the name of Michael B. Hancock?” McClendon asked.

“Because that’s my mother-f***ing dad,” Hancock snapped back.

“Cause that’s your mother-f***ing dad? OK.”

Because Hancock did not have an ID on him, the officer was required to take his photo- something Hancock was not happy about, leading to the following exchange:

Hancock: “My dad’s the mayor, you f***ing b**ch.”

McClendon: “Mayor of what?”

Hancock: “Yeah, exactly motherf***er.”

McClendon: “Denver?”

Hancock: “Don’t worry about it, bit**.”

McClendon: “Well you’re in Aurora, bud. He ain’t mayor of Aurora.”

Hancock: “And guess what? I’m about to get you fired you f***ing bit**.”

McClendon: “Oh, yeah, for what?”

Hancock: “Yeah exactly, don’t worry about it. Hey, been [unknown], you f***ing bit**.”

McClendon: “OK, I’m sure your dad is going to be proud.”

Hancock’s father was not proud.

“The last thing we want is young men interacting with our police officers in that manner,” Mayor Michael Hancock told KDVR in May. “Particularly, African-American young men and so (Jordan) recognizes that and he certainly understands that the officer didn’t deserve the interaction that he had…So he’s written an apology to the officer and he hopes that one day he gets a chance to personally apologize.”

While Jordan Hancock paid his $275 ticket and personally apologized to McClendon, it is unknown whether or not Hancock is actually sorry, or if he was forced to be “sorry” by his father.

The footage of the incident was reportedly leaked without authorization, and Aurora PD has investigated the matter.

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