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French police fight government, protest over insufficient resources, rise in lawlessness

Image credit: David Monniaux.
Image credit: David Monniaux.

French President Francois Hollande plans to meet with police union leaders early next week, after growing tensions have prompted several nights of protests by disgruntled Paris police officers.

The cops are demanding more government support as they deal with “mounting lawlessness” and “insufficient resources.”

Militant Islamic attacks, which claimed hundreds of lives over the last two years, have prompted the deployment of more security forces at schools, airports and train stations.

What appears to have prompted the recent protest movement was an attack earlier this month in which a gang of suspects “petrol-bombed a police patrol car” south of Paris.

One officer still sits in a coma, as a result of that attack, France24.com reported.

In the third night of protests this week, around 400 off-duty officers protested at the Place de la Republique and Champs Elysees Ave., on Thursday night. It’s not just happening in Paris either. The impromptu demonstrations have reportedly spread to other parts of the country as well.

Police have apparently been ignoring warnings by their superiors to respect the rules that officers should abide by when protesting.

Codes of conduct for law enforcement employees prohibit them from protesting during work hours. They are also not permitted to use police equipment, such as official cars and uniforms, during the demonstrations.


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