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‘Free Hugs Project’ member promoting peace during Charlotte riots berated for hugging officers


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A member of the “Free Hugs Project” was berated by protesters in Charlotte for hugging members of the Charlotte-Mecklenberg  Police Department’s riot police.

Captured in a video that has nearly 10,000,000 views, Ken E. Nwadike Jr. of the Free Hugs Project -who has solicited hugs at Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders rallies- stepped beyond the picket line in Charlotte to give hugs to riot police.

Appalled by the act of kindness, Nwadike was called a “p***y n***er” by protesters, who seemingly took the warm embrace for some form of collaboration.

“This man [pointing to the officer] gave me a hug, and he wants to fight me because of that; how does that make sense spreading more hate into the world?” screamed Nwadike. “That’s what’s frustrating me, we can’t love one another?”

Nwadike said that the police officer’s uniform doesn’t make him a robot or a killer any more than the angry protester’s black skin made him a criminal.

When one of the protesters pointed to black officers, Nwadike said that when the black officers take off their uniforms, they face the same prejudices as civilians and are simply doing their jobs.

“If I couldn’t find work, if I was not blessed to have a job, guess what I would do- I would join the military, I would be a police officer- I would find work in order to feed my children,” said Nwadike.

Nwadike chastised aggressive protesters, saying that “That’s how we get fired on when people do stupid stuff.”


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