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Four arrested for death threats made against Provo police


Three men and one woman were arrested in Utah this week in connection to threats made against Provo police only one week after officers shot and killed a man.

KSL-TV reported that police officers throughout Utah County have been on high alert and the threats have caused fear and alarm amongst residents.

The threats stemmed from an incident in which a Provo police officer and a Utah County sheriff deputy shot to death Cody Evans on February 15 when they thought he was pointing an assault rifle at them. Later, investigators discovered Evans had two pellet guns.

Provo police said in a statement that the death threats against officers were posted on various social media sites and concerned citizens reported them to authorities. Investigators were able to identify several people involved either directly or indirectly in making the threats.

Michael Leon Angus, 27, of Provo, was arrested on Friday at his place of employment and was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of threats of terrorism. Police said that Angus had posted online comments the day of shooting that read, “To provo pd. Beware of c4 and dat 50 cal…Im fed up yall killin my homies, im killing u! Rip cody. I love u home.” He also posted, “Anyone whos down to ride on these pigs lemme know asap. If not ill do it alone.”

Provo police said in their statement that Angus “admitted that he had posted threatening comments about Provo police officers, but claimed he was just upset and did not intend to do anything.”

Wednesday, Fletcher, 24, of Provo, was arrested on multiple felony warrants. He was also booked into jail for investigation of possession of methamphetamine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and other charges. Provo police called him “one of the main subjects making and responding to threats on social media.”

A confidential source led investigators to Brandon Stacy West, 22, of Orem, who had attempted to purchase a firearm for a “homie.” It was reported that he had spoken about retaliation. West was booked into jail Tuesday for charges stemming from distribution of a controlled substance as well as probation violations.

According to KSL-TV, Lindsey Parker, 25, of Orem, had been with Fletcher for several days and knew he had outstanding warrants. She was driving the car when she and Fletcher were arrested, and “admitted she knew Jacob was running from police.” She was arrested for investigation of driving with a measurable controlled substance, obstruction of justice for allegedly harboring a fugitive, and possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Officers are taking the threats very seriously stating, “Multiple police agencies in Utah County have used a large amount of manpower and resources over the last six days to deal with the possibilities of these threats being carried out.”

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