Home News Founder of Georgia Cop Block arrested for impersonating an officer

Founder of Georgia Cop Block arrested for impersonating an officer


You can’t make this stuff up.  The founder of anti-police group ‘Georgia Cop Block’ is behind bars on charges of impersonating an officer.

29-year-old Jonathan Beavers, who happens to live with his mother, drives around with police scanner in an attempt to film police officers and deputies responding to calls.

In this incident however, Beavers, who apparently has a lot of free time on his hands, was heard over the radio providing false information about calls for service. Cherokee County deputies were able to trace the call back to Beavers and paid him and his parents a visit.

His landlord mom has come to his defense, claiming that “he would never do something like that. Never,” she told Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News.

Even after having heard a recording of him on the radio, Beaver’s father told the news outlet that “you actually have to prove Jonathan actually mashed that button and that button wasn’t mashed accidentally.”

Earlier this year, copblock.org founder “Ademo Freeman” (real name Adam Mueller) was arrested on drug trafficking charges.  


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