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Foster mom tortured kids as punishment for mistakes made while filming popular, lucrative Youtube channel


An Arizona woman and her two sons have been arrested for abusing seven foster kids in order to make a wildly popular and financially lucrative Youtube channel called Fantastic Adventures.

According to the Arizona Central, Machelle Hackney would starve the kids, lock them into closets, and used pepper spray to punish the kids if they forgot their lines, made a mistake while filming, or did anything she deemed wrong.

Hackney’s sons were also arrested for failing to report their mother.

The Maricopa police say they inspected the house during a welfare check.

The kids say they were starving and had been without food for at least two days.

“Fantastic Adventures” has nearly 800,000 subscribers to their Youtube channel and features the kids acting out fantasies while getting paid to show off different toys.

The two sons, Logan and Ryan Hackney, claim they thought about going to the police but ultimately decided not to.

Hackney faces multiple charges of abuse and even molestation.

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