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Fort Collins crime analyst suing police and city for gender discrimination


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A well-tenured crime analyst is suing the city, its former interim police chief and former deputy chief of police for taking credit for her work, blocking her from pay raises, and for treating her as an ungreatful employee.

According to the Coloradoan, Lori Frank says the two men and the city blocked her ability to earn more money and responsibility in her role.

Frank, who is still currently employed, singles out former Deputy Police Chief Jerry Schiager as the man who purposefully limited her role, hired a younger man to do her job, paid him more, and treated her with “disdain.”

She listed the city and former interim police chief in the lawsuit for allowing Schiager to get away with what she felt was “disrespectful” behavior towards her.

Frank did file multiple complaints with Human Resources, though HR ended up dismissing the cases as unsubstantiated.

Schiager was eventually removed from his post and transferred to a patrol unit as part of a large scale racial discrimination suit against the department.

Frank is seeking back pay, attorney fees and compensation for pain and suffering.

The city and police department has not commented due to this being an active lawsuit.

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