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Former Windermere police officer filing lawsuit after racial profiling arrest


Jason Darnell, a former Windermere, Florida police officer, is filing a federal lawsuit against the town of Windermere because of the humiliation he suffered from being arrested for racial profiling. He allegedly profiled black drivers and told other officers to do the same. There were also officers who accused him of pulling over minority motorists without even bothering to check their speeds.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigator Alphonso Williams, Windermere Police Chief David Ogden, former officer Alejandro Rivera, and other individuals who allegedly conspired against Darnell are also being sued. The lawsuit claims that the defendants made false accusations of racism against Darnell, and that Darnell was actually a whistleblower who discovered corruption inside the Windermere Police Department. Darnell says he exposed officers who were falsifying time cards in order to receive overtime pay.

Rivera allegedly retaliated against Darnell by informing FDLE that Darnell had ordered him to stop vehicles driven by black individuals. The charges were dropped because of conflicting testimony from witnesses, according to WFTV.

However, even though the accusations were proven false, Darnell has suffered enormous damage from being accused of crimes involving racial prejudice. He is suing because of lost wages and the damage done to his reputation, which has kept him from finding work as a law enforcement officer.

According to ABC News, Darnell said, “You Google my name, it comes up ‘Officer arrested for racial profiling.’ The general public doesn’t know the ins and outs of the entire story.”

The defendants in the lawsuit are remaining quiet. Ogden stated he would make a comment later, and a lawyer representing Rivera would not make a statement.

As reported by the Star Tribune, attorneys Jose Baez and Benjamin Crump are representing Darnell. Baez achieved national fame during the Casey Anthony case, and Benjamin Crump is famous for representing the family of Trayvon Martin. They said the lawsuit will be filed this Thursday.

Crump stated, “I’m sure it’s surprising to many people to see attorney Baez and myself representing a white police officer, but it’s very important that we come out and stand for justice and stand for right. The allegations made to officer Darnell were false and this could have been proven easily with a competent investigation.”

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