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Former VA police chief accused of allowing a sex-trafficking ring to operate

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The former Fairfax Police Chief, Edwin Roessler, and four other officers are being accused by a human trafficking victim of allowing an illegal human-trafficking activity to operate unnoticed.

According to ABC13, Roessler and the four officers are being sued in civil court for their accused actions.

The woman says she was lured from Costa Rica to Fairfax, Virginia, sometime in 2010 and was forced to work as a prostitute until 2015. The woman worked under Hazel Sanchez, who was convicted of operating a commercial sex operation.

Roessler, who has since retired, denies the allegations through his attorney. That attorney points out that Roessler and another client were only added to the list of accomplices after a Fairfax Police Investigator went to the accusor’s lawyer.

The woman, only identified as Jane Doe, went to the FBI in 2015 to expose the illegal operation.

She says during her time, she was forced to have sex with as many as 17 men in a day and perform other depraved acts. She said she was lured to the U.S. with the promise of a well-paying nanny job.

The report does not specifically claim Roessler or the officers were clients of Sanchez, only that they turned a blind eye and allowed it to operate.

The defendants have tried to discredit Doe by claiming that she continued her sex work for an additional year after the Sanchez operation was shut down by the FBI. Doe says she was forced to continue by her then-husband.

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