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Former NYPD officer and USMC veteran suing department for making him fat


An NYPD officer who was retired on disability is suing his parent agency for “making him fat.”

“The job is like a tyrant,” said Jose Vega, a 5’10 ex-cop who weighs around 360 pounds as he interviewed a reporter for the New York Post. “I went from 250 to 395 pounds in one year.. I guarantee you, as small as you are, you eat more than me.”

The 46-year-old joined the department after the Marine Corps in 1997, weighing in at only 180 pounds.

Claiming the department “brainwashed” young officers, the ex-cop and his lawyer -Warren Roth- both agree that police work doesn’t always lead to a healthy diet.

“It’s easier to pull into McDonald’s and wolf something down when you’re busy,’’ Roth said.

In 2011, Vega was involved in a physical altercation with a landlord while in uniform, something that damaged how the department looked at him.

“It seemed once they had a guy like me, they used and abused you,” he said. “The more you did, the more they burdened you with.’’

As his stress increased, so did his weight- by 2014, he was medically retired with a $48,000 a year pension.

While that would seem pretty good for many, Vega wanted more: a 3/4 pension to the tune of $74,400 a year.

However, the review board determined that only a small percentage of his job was stress-related.

“They acknowledged my condition, but they didn’t care,’’ Vega said. “I know some people who have gotten disability pensions for a damaged pinkie finger, and here I am with a main organ in my body [the heart] that’s defective, and I’m being denied.’’

Suffering from ventricular hypertrophy. Vega insists that the condition came from stress, as he has a strict diet that he adheres to.

“It’s when you suffer from hypertension. Your heart starts to thicken. It’s from stress,’’ Vega said.

The NYPD declined comment on the suit. A city Law Department rep said, “We’ll review Mr. Vega’s complaint.”

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