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Former Indiana state trooper reaches $450,000 settlement with Floyd County


A former Indiana State Trooper is out for justice after he was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his wife and two children back in 2000, and he’s going for the wallets of those who put him behind bars.

According to the Courier-Journal, a $450,000 settlement was reached last week in a legal battle between Floyd County and former Indiana State Trooper over the fatal shootings of his wife and two children in September 2000.

In the claim, Camm sought out financial compensation for loss of income, trauma in prison, wrongful convictions and income, as well as emotional damages.

The suit placed a finger on former prosecutor Stan Faith and four employees who worked under him at the time, as well as two men the prosecutor hired to work the crime scene and forensics for the case. Lastly, the current county prosecutor and the deputy prosecutor were names in the suit as well.

Camm’s legal team say that while he reached a settlement with Floyd County, he’s still gunning for state employees and other “primary bad actors” to the tune of $30 million.

Camm had been an Indiana trooper until about four months before he reported finding his wife and children murdered in the family’s garage.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Camm spent 13 years in prison, all the while insisting that he was innocent despite prosecutors and police saying evidence showed he was responsible.

The case reached national levels of attention as Camm was tried twice, with convictions eventually overturned and an acquittal in 2013.


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