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Former corrections officer busted for prostitution while on probation


By Brett Gillin

This is the story of Melinda Abruzzo, or as some of her clients know her ‘Sexy Bella.’ Abruzzo’s story is not your typical one: She lost her job as a corrections officer for smuggling marijuana into the jail she worked in. Now, she risks losing her freedom completely after being caught allegedly prostituting herself while she was serving that probation.

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Abruzzo was a guard at a private jail in Adams County Colorado, according to this story on CBS Denver. That came to an end in August of 2012, when she was arrested for smuggling marijuana into the jail to distribute to inmates. In 2013, she was convicted on a felony charge of introducing contraband and sentenced to two years of probation.

While Abruzzo might have escaped her felony conviction with what amounts as a slap on the wrist for her sentence, Abruzzo allegedly did anything but keep a low profile while she served her probation. CBS Denver dug further into her story, and uncovered a strong case that Abruzzo began acting as a prostitute while on probation.

“I don’t know anything about that. I do massages… never did any weird stuff,” Abruzzo told reporters with CBS Denver. However the reporters were not making baseless accusations toward Abruzzo. During their investigation, they uncovered a veritable treasure-trove of less-than-flattering evidence that Abruzzo was doing a little more than just massaging.

When digging through Abruzzo’s online advertisements for her massage services, CBS Denver found pictures of her in various stages of undress and suggestive poses. Her ads seemed to be offering more than your standard massages as well, using “Sensual and Deep Tissue Massage,” or “Singles, Couples, Fantasy and more,” as taglines for her ads.

Another, more explicit ad, reads “Let me show you the moon and stars blow your mind like no other… I can make your legs shake and head spin. You will be drunk from the sensation and have amazing pleasure.” Perhaps the most damning ad read “Hi I am Bella. I am open to anything and can show you a good time. I’m a very experienced massage therapist and also can leave you with a 5 star surprise…”

Just over a year into her probation, in October of 2014, her probation department caught wind of these ads and revoked her probation. In the revocation documentation, they wrote “The defendant violated (probation)… the defendant self-admitted to working as a prostitute. The defendant also self-admitted to posting advertisements on ‘Craigslist’ and ‘Backpage.’”

While reporters could not get Abruzzo to admit to them that she was working as a prostitute, they were able to verify that the number for the ads and the number Abruzzo gave to her probation officer were, in fact, the same cell phone number. Instead of admitting to her alleged escapades, she told reporters that her probation officer “had it out for me.”

The judge also, evidently, had it out for Abruzzo. When she appeared in court on the new charges, the Judge revoked Abruzzo’s probation, then reinstated it for another two-years. Perhaps this time, Abruzzo may figure out a better way to make a living.

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