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Footage released showing fatal OIS in Maryland where suspect charged at officer


Police in Maryland have released footage from a Montgomery County Police shooting that left the suspect dead.

The shooting -which later was determined to be justified- involved Montgomery County Police Officer Anand Badgujar and 41-year-old suspect Robert White on June 11, taking place outside of a townhouse community.

Badgujar had been on an unrelated call when he encountered and attempted to speak to White. During the encounter, White became hostile and Badgujar suspected he may have been trying to attempt “suicide by cop,” even going so far as to radio his concerns to dispatch.

“He has his hands in his pockets, might be a suicide by cop type thing,” he said as he pursued White.

Eventually, White attempts to get into the police cruiser, shouting “Do it!” several times at Badgujar.

The officer told White several times that he had no desire to shoot him, despite the fact that White continued to dig into his pocket.

Finally, White charged, forcing Badgujar to open fire and kill his assailant.

According to FOX5, the Montgomery County Police released the footage in an effort to show they had nothing to hide on the matter and that the public deserves to know.

“We want to remain as transparent as possible and try to answer some of the questions and concerns that community members have had,” said Montgomery County Police Captain Paul Starks. “We still have an ongoing internal investigation where the officer’s action will be measured against our existing rules and policies.”

White’s family would later tell police that he had a history of mental illness.

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