Home News Following attacks on law enforcement, safety a concern in public places

Following attacks on law enforcement, safety a concern in public places


Monday, a police officer chewed a mouthful of glass that was found inside his sandwich during a lunch break at a Columbus, Ohio cafe. The officer started bleeding from his mouth and had to be taken to the hospital. So far, there’s been no evidence the glass was intentionally planted there by an employee.

The manager of the Lincoln Cafe told the local NBC affiliate that there’s never been an issue with law enforcement there before and they have a very good working relationship with cops in the community.

Given the recent events, however, that have made officers feel even more vulnerable and “under siege” — authorities in Columbus are not taking this incident lightly.  Investigators are looking into the matter to determine whether the shards of glass in the officer’s sandwich got there accidentally or not.

Following the sandwich incident, emergency health inspectors found chips along the edges of some small glass plates, which were later thrown away, NBC 4 reported.

The president of the Int’l Assoc. of Chiefs of Police told the Washington Post that he saw a bulletin, which came out this week, that encourages officers “not to eat in restaurants because it makes you a public target.”

Terry Cunningham also told the Post that he doesn’t tell people he’s a cop when he orders takeout.

“You can’t operate under that condition all the time, especially in the half an hour that [police] go to get a sandwich or a cup of coffee. This just adds to that cumulative stress that they’re under. It’s a sad, sad commentary,” Cunningham said.

Just last week alone — in Washington state and Alabama –officers were turned away, refused service, because of their uniform.

A spokeswoman with the National Restaurant Association told The Post, there are some restaurants that have tried to bring together police and communities in the wake of tragedies in Baton Rouge and Dallas.

“With over 1 million restaurants nationwide serving millions of Americans, the restaurant industry is the cornerstone of communities across the country,” Katie Niebaum said in a statement.

Police officers around the country report feeling increased tension, scrutiny and suspicion– which has led many of them to keep their guns with them, at times they normally wouldn’t.

More and more, they’re being “taunted” by people who want to film their every move and it’s surely beginning to take a toll on all of them.


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