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Florida woman arrested after bizarre incident where she tried to hit officer with piece of concrete


A Florida woman is in police custody after she reportedly threw a chunk of concrete at a police officer who she summoned to help her.

Cape Coral Police say that 37-year-old Jessica Blick requested an ambulance on Tuesday evening, appearing to be in distress.

When police arrived, however, Blick was found holding up a chunk of concrete in one hand and a mobile device in the other.

Blick initially would not speak with police, who asked her to drop the rock and tell them who called 9-1-1.

Then, as a police officer approached her, she raised the concrete over her head and threatened to kill him.

“I’ll fu**ing kill you, you son of a bi*ch!” she said.

According to NBC 2, Blick then tried to flee, running into the middle of a parkway.

Not wanting to see anyone hurt, one officer attempted to deploy his Taser, with no effect. Undeterred, Blick then threw the concrete at the officer, hitting him in the shoulder.

Having had quite enough at this point, officers tackled Blick, sending her into some nearby bushes. She resisted as she put on the handcuffs, kicking an officer’s groin and earning a face full of pepper spray in the process.

Blick was taken to a Lee County hospital before being turned over to the jail. he faces charges of aggravated assault on an officer, battery on an officer, and resisting arrest with violence.

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