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Florida stripper starts eating shirt during DUI arrest processing

32-year-old  ZyZe McCausland.  Credit: Monroe County Sheriff's Office.
32-year-old ZyZe McCausland. Credit: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

A Florida stripper led police on a chase after a DUI stop, in addition to attempting to eat a “large portion of her shirt.”

According to the New York Daily News, 32-year-old ZyZe McCausland nearly hit another vehicle around 2AM on sunday, speeding away when an officer told her to pull over, according to Key West Police records.

Mounting back into his police cruiser and in hot pursuit, the officer followed her until she sped into a one-way school parking lot adjacent to a police station, trapping her. Attempting to flee on foot, she was hindered by her passed-out passenger.

Cuffing her, the officer’s backup arrived and noticed a stamp on her forearm that denoted she had been to a local bar. Telling the officers “you’ll be sorry”, she demanded they call security at the bar, insisting that they would convince them not to arrest her.

“I noticed McCausland had the overpowering odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath” and her eyes looked “extremely red, glassy and bloodshot,” the assisting officer wrote in the report. The officer said that McCausland had “extremely rapid but slurred speech” and “when she walked anywhere she needed to be physically guided to prevent her from falling.”

Being placed in the patrol car and shuffled to the Monroe County jail, she agreed to a breathalyzer test but initially would not blow.

“McCausland begged for another chance to submit to the breath test and since she was acting somewhat rational I removed the handcuffs,” the arresting officer wrote. “I told McCausland not to place anything in her mouth and she then stuffed a large portion of her shirt into her mouth and began chewing at the fabric.”

McCausland was booked on misdemeanor DUI, as well as resisting arrest and one felony of fleeing and eluding at high speed.


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