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Florida State Trooper takes down a motorcyclist in a large group of illegal riders on highway


An amazing police takedown took place following a high-speed chase, with lawmen using their vehicle to forcibly dismount a motorcyclist.

The Florida Highway Patrol was in hot pursuit on Sunday as they attempted to keep up with the biker, who approached Exit 81 in Delray Beach.

In an incredible display of professionalism, one trooper (presumably certified for PIT vehicle disabling) used his tire to ram the motorcycle, knocking the rider off.

According to the Daily Mail, the suspect quickly got to his feet, prompting a trooper to take him down in a flying tackle that puts NFL moves to shame.

The spectacle took place during a cancer awareness ride, providing law-abiding motorcyclists with a wild show.

That said, not everyone was thrilled, and video of the incident drew some negative comments from those who did not understand the context of the situation.

FHP troopers are only permitted to use precision immobilization techniques if they determine that the fleeing vehicle must be stopped immediately to protect life.

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  1. Considering there is no such thing as a PIIT manuever with a motorcycle, and under no circumstances are they ever allowed to ram a motorcycle, this is either aggrevated assualt or attempted murder. Was the trooper ever charged?

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