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Florida Sheriff blasts “irresponsible” Amazon for refusing to identify thieving employee


Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd slammed Amazon for its refusal to cooperate into a stolen package investigation. Sheriff Judd said the company’s decision to protect its crooked employee was, “irresponsible on their part.” He also said it shows “they apparently don’t care about the ongoing safe and secure delivery of their packages.”

Sheriff’s deputies did end up identifying and arrested 27-year-old Jose Campos for the theft.

A surveillance camera at the home detailed the theft as the Amazon driver dropped off the package, took a photo of it (which is company policy), and then immediately pick it back up and walk off.

The theft happened on December 19th.

The Sheriff’s Office contacted Amazon to find out the identity of the driver for that package, as it’s clear in the video that the delivery man was dressed in an Amazon jacket, but the company refused.

Deputies were turned away at the local logistics center and corporate said it would not cooperate without a subpoena issued and given to someone at its headquarters in Delaware.

Sheriff Judd believes Campos may have committed other thefts, but without Amazon’s cooperation, it will be hard to find out.

Investigators were able to run the tags on the delivery vehicle and locate Campos. He is being charged with burglary and theft.

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