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Florida police chief in hot water after pool party photo with female subordinates


The Police Chief of Coral Gables was reprimanded despite the fact he reportedly broke no rules when he agreed to take a photo with a group of smiling, bikini-clad female officers and department employees at a pool party.

An inquiry into Chief Ed Hudak found the top cop to be acting in good conduct and refuted anonymous allegations that sex toys had been on display during a party he had been invited to make an appearance at.

The objects in question, according to a 93-page report, were a phallic-shaped bottle opener and a water gun.

“The referenced object is a blue plastic water gun,” the report found. “Upon close examination of the entire photograph, there is no discernible ‘dildo’ or other sex toy depicted.”

While the party was nowhere as saucy as investigators were led to believe, the 28-year veteran of policing was reprimanded for showing up to the party and posing for a photo.

Gables City Manager Cathy Swanson-Rivenbark  issued a scathing letter of reprimand, citing concerns in Hudak’s ability “to honorably and objectively lead the police department.”

“Failure to take the necessary corrective actions laid out for you in the reprimand and failure to consistently practice more professional and mature judgment moving forward will result in further disciplinary action, including termination,” said the city manager, who has had a long-standing dislike of Hudak.

Hudak’s attorney, Michael Cornely, referred to the reprimand as a political “witch hunt.”

“Instead of going to the heart of the matter to see if it’s sexual harassment, they’re looking at what’s left over. We think that kind of thing is motivated by the city manager being out to get him,” Cornely said.

None of the female officers had anything negative to say about their commander, who has been chief of CGPD since 2014.

“None expressed any level of discomfort with Chief Hudak’s attendance at the pool party or his actions,” wrote investigator and former Pennsylvania police Major Charles Skurkis. “He was an invited guest and, based upon individual statements and available photographic imagery, he appeared welcome by all attendees.”

According to the Miami Herald, the pool party took place in July of last year and the photo was anonymously posted- along with claims that the women didn’t know he was going to attend.

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