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Florida mayor opens fire on SWAT team during early morning raid


Pasco County Sheriff just gave an update on the arrest. The Sheriff’s PIO described the suspect, identified as Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad, as a known drug user and dealer who had multiple weapons.

Massad fired two rounds at the SWAT team as they entered the home. The team did not return fire, backed down, surrounded the house, and gave orders for the suspect, and anyone inside the home, to come out.

Massad eventually came out peacefully.

The PIO said, “he’s lucky he’s not dead.”

Massad will also face multiple attempted homicide charges after he shot at the SWAT team.

Massad apparently yelled at police that he refused to “go back to jail.”

The PIO believes Massad was on drugs at the time of the raid but did say it’s a possibility knowing his lifestyle and the people he hung around with.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office would not go into detail about the nature of the warrants saying it was part of a FDLE investigation.


A joint operation between the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office and FDLE almost turned deadly after a homeowner, identified as Port Richey Mayor Dale Massad, opened fire as SWAT team members raided a Port Richey home.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, neighbors were woken up to four quick ‘pop, pop, pop, pops’ as Massad was brought into custody.

Source: Facebook

Massad is being charged with practicing medicine without a license.

According to his Facebook page, Massad studied at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

According to Yelp his medical office, which is the same address as his home, is marked as closed.

Massad was also arrested in August 2018 for domestic violence charges.

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  1. I guess the cops only return fire on an “ordinary” citizen when executing a search warrant. I guaranty you that if this was the run of the mill crackhead’s house, he’d be dead. I don’t care who you are, if you fire a weapon at a cop executing his duties, then you deserve to be fired upon.

    • I think the reason this guy was treated differently is because he is an elected Official and not an Ordinary Citizen. So they get treated with kid gloves instead of a mailed fist!
      It’s the Two Tiered Justice system that we have in this country.
      One form of Justice for the Rich and Elected Elites and a different form of Justice for the rest of us peons.

  2. And why in God’s name was a SWAT team necessary to serve a warrant on the mayor? Or anybody, for that matter? This has got to stop. People are getting killed for no good reason.

    • The SWAT team was probably used because he was known to be armed and had previously stated on the news that he wouldn’t go back to jail.

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