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Florida man disrupts pro-Trump rally, hits officer before resisting arrest


A Florida man was arrested in Palm Harbor by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office on Sunday after he mocked supporters of President Donald Trump at a rally, referring to them as “Nazis” before assaulting a police officer.

Attending the rally while sporting a rebel flag, a Trump mask, and a sign with Swastikas, Scott Rexroat was reported to have instigated several altercations with Trump supporters, calling them Nazis and starting an uproar.

Eventually, law enforcement was notified and came to take Rexroat away, but not before the alleged agitator engaged a law enforcement officer.

According to WFLA, the man denied causing any issues.

“I thought it was a Trump supporter doing that and I just went like that,” Rexroat said as he walked out of the county jail. “There were no swastikas like it says in the police report. I can read it here. It sounds like a bunch of fabricated lies to me. That I was instigating a riot. You know?”.

Rexroat claims the deputy only identified himself after he had tackled him to the ground.

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