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Florida man attacks another in a liquor store, claimed he didn’t say ‘thank you’ after he held the door open for him


A Florida man attacked one of his own after the man didn’t say ‘thank you’ as they entered a Polk County liquor store earlier this week.

According to WTSP, the incident happened on May 9th and was caught on survelliance video from inside the store.

Three men, two in one group and an individual, entered the store at roughly the same time. The two men entered first with the second person holding the door open for the third man.

There is no audio from the video, but the man told sheriff’s deputies that once everyone was inside the second man began arguing with the other individual saying, “You don’t say ‘thank you’ to people who hold the door for you?”

The man responded by saying thank you in a sarcastic tone.

It escalated from there when the door-holder said, “if you say another word I’ll kick your butt.” To which the man responded, “another word.”

That’s when the two began to brawl.

It eventually was broken up and resulted in the deputies being called in to investigate.

No word of any charges or arrests.

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