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Florida man arrested after taunting police with ‘Catch Me If You Can’ post on Facebook


They say oftentimes life imitates art—but in this particular case, stupid idea!

A man who clearly wanted to emulate Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the box-office hit, “Catch Me If You Can,” taunted Tampa police on his Facebook page.

The petty criminal, wanted on numerous charges, used a movie poster from the Tom Hanks, DiCaprio flick, to issue his public dare.

“F**k it. Might as well have some fun with this. LOL,” the caption read.

Tampa police gladly accepted his challenge.

24-year-old Cameron Cox was caught two weeks later at an area McDonalds, WFTV reported.  He‘s facing charges of grand theft, burglary and dealing in stolen property, among others.

Police released this statement after throwing Cox in the slammer:

“When you are a criminal and post a photo of “Catch Me If You Can”, we will do just that.”

Tampa PD also had a little fun with it: “When he is done serving his time, maybe Cameron Cox should update his profile photo with his mugshot.”

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  1. Dear Criminals,

    Please keep this sort of thing up. Really! It’s very helpful for the police in tracking your dumb a—behinds—-down.

    Let me add that, if there were more criminals like you, there would be fewer criminals like you on the streets.

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