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Florida lawyer leaves kids home alone, drives her Land Rover into ex-husband’s house

Francine Bogumil – Photo : Orange County Corrections

A Florida lawyer left her children unattended at home, effectively abandoning them so she could ram an SUV into her ex-husband’s home.

Francine Bogumil, a 40-year-old attorney in Orlando, reportedly texted her ex prior to the Land Rover siege, stating that “S*** bout to get ugly.”

“And each and every day as my heart bleeds without my kids, your life will become uglier and uglier because this is YOUR choice,” she texted prior to the assault. “You want war, you’ve got WAR…I chose peace…you didn’t oblige. You can blame yourself because I’m JUST getting started with the ways I can ruin u…I WILL f** up your world up unless you surrender. I’m not backing down this time. S** bout to get ugly.”

Upon breaching the house with the British SUV , the lawyer told her ex’s girlfriend, “I will kill you, b—-!” and spat on police officers responding to the incident. 

The event took place in late April of 2020, and Bogumil’s 5-year-old and 11-year-old children were left unattended at home during the assault.

According to the Miami Herald, Bogumil pleaded no contest and was found guilty of one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon; one count of assault on a law enforcement officer, one count of domestic violence battery, two counts of violating a domestic violence restraining order, and two counts of criminal mischief.

In addition to disbarment, Bogumil must spend 51 weeks in the Orange County Jail, a year of community control and two years of modified probation.


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