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Florida homeowner ordered to remove Thin Blue Line American Flag she has been flying for years


The daughter of a law enforcement officer and homeowner in St. Johns County Florida, near Jacksonville, has been told to take down her Thin Blue Line American Flag.

The flag is flown to honor the homeowner’s father, Jeff Gaddie, and other family members in law enforcement who risk their lives to keep the public safe.

The flag has been flying for years without a problem but her homeowners association says it must come down following a complaint. The HOA claims they received the grievance stating the flag was “racist, offensive and anti-black lives matter,” according to Action News Jax.

The HOA then asked her to submit a request for permission to fly the flag, which they then of course denied.

Action News Jax contacted First Coast Association Management, the company responsible for enforcing the regulations set by the HOA.  They said only “American and military-themed flags are allowed to fly in the neighborhood,” however other flags can be seen flying in the neighborhood as well.

In spite of the controversy, the homeowner is asking that her neighborhood not be identified for fear of backlash over the situation. Her father, Gaddie, argues the point that most reading this article already know – flying a Thin Blue Line American Flag is is a show of support for law enforcement, and not in any way a sign of anything remotely racist.

“We’ve got black officers, we’ve got Asian officers, we’re got every race,” Gaddie said. “I mean for them to say it’s racist, blue is not a race, it’s the furthest thing from it,” he told Action News.

His daughter and their family are planning to appeal the decision at an HOA meeting next month.


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  1. This is another absurd reaction to one or a few residents. The thin blue flag is far from being racist in any form as the law enforcement profession is truly one of diversity. Is the Home Owners’ Association aware that Black Lives Matter is a lie perpetuated by false information by those desiring to create distention and a reason to riot. The HOA should error on the proven philosophy that all lives matter, supporting law enforcement/public safety is in accordance with American values and the flag is never offensive. Let’s not penalize others by giving credence to one or two individuals making such irrational claims. Thank you!

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