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Florida deputy suspended for TikTok videos made while in uniform


A deputy in Florida has apparently failed to learn her lesson after she was suspended for using the social media app TikTok while in uniform.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Shelby Abramson was given a three-week suspension for unbecoming conduct and insubordination.

While Abramson was attempting to use TikTok to “humanize the badge” and show “that we are not just this bad guy behind a gun,” her dancing in uniform to explicit music was a technique the OCSO could not get behind.

As it turns out, others were not pleased either.

“Charging taxpayers money to make TikToks,” one person commented on the video.

“I’m glad I can entertain you. I’ll keep dancing for all you Karens,” Abramson responded.


Happy Thursday! Start your day with some dancing and smiles! ##thursday ##happiness ##HaventSeen ##copsoftiktok ##femalecop

♬ if you see this you should do my dance – Lyneke

Abramson was verbally counseled by her supervisor, and the conversation continued via email.

“I understand the intent may not be malicious, but perception is reality,” one sergeant wrote, according to Click Orlando. “Please do not let social media be a distraction while on duty, which could jeopardize your safety and the safety of others.”

The sergeant told Abramson to “refrain from posting anything that would shed a negative light on your character and the Sheriff’s Office.”

However, the deputy couldn’t resist the attention, and posted a video of her dancing to the explicit lyrics of “Me Too” by Kevin Gates.

Abramson admitted the lyrics were questionable, but noted she was simply following a “trend” on the platform.

“Although most of the videos Deputy Abramson posted were benign, some of the audio tracks contained foul language and sexually explicit lyrics,” the investigative report concluded. “These videos provided an image to the public that placed members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in disrepute and do not align with the values of the organization.”

Since the suspension, Abramson has continued to post videos of herself to TikTok.

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