Home News Florida deputy fired after misconduct with 18-year-old stripper he previously arrested revealed

Florida deputy fired after misconduct with 18-year-old stripper he previously arrested revealed


A Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputy is now simply “Florida Man” after he was fired for off-duty misconduct involving an 18-year-old stripper he recently arrested.

Now-former Deputy Brian Britt turned in his gun and badge on Monday after the investigation revealed he had pursued a female suspect he had recently arrested.

“He stated ‘I’m an idiot,'” Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said. “I agree he is an idiot for doing this.”

In December of 2016, Britt was sent to arrest an 18-year-old woman wanted for domestic battery. When the woman answered the door wearing only a towel, Britt followed her into the house to retrieve her ID, noticing a second young -and naked- female in the home.

Transporting the young private dancer to a second location to wait for a prisoner transport, Britt removed her handcuffs and engaged in flirtatious conversation, which he later deemed  “small talk [that] included me talking too much about my private life.”

The woman was booked, processed and released the next day. Not 24 hours after putting her in cuffs, Britt used his department mobile phone to tell her that he cared about her feelings and he genuinely felt that in some way, she was probably arrested for something that didn’t happen.

He would continue to flirt with her through text messaging and inquired about the other girl he saw in the house on the day of the woman’s arrest. Crossing the line of no return, Britt offered both teens $100 each to visit his home for an hour to engage in “conversation.”

According to Fox4Now, Britt claims the women were impaired when they arrived at the home- but then again, so was he. When the women entered, they found candles lit, lights dimmed and a tipsy Britt asking about what kind of “fetishes” they partake in when requested by clients.

At one point, Britt attempted to rub the girl’s thigh, causing her to be angry and reiterate the visit was for “conversation” only. Britt told the teenagers that he wasn’t going to be any payment for “conversation.”

Meanwhile, Britt’s pre-teen daughter was asleep upstairs.

The women were compensated with gasoline from his garage and sent on their way. Britt would later text the girl, apologizing and claiming he made bad choices- including stating that he wanted “interaction.”

Needless to say, he’s not a deputy anymore.

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