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Florida deputy fired after girlfriend exposes him for having sex with male prostitutes while on duty

Joshua Brack (Facebook)

A Palm Beach County deputy has been fired after it was revealed by an ex-girlfriend that he had a much seedier side- including engaging with male callboys while on duty.

Joshua Brack, who was once a member of the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, was relieved of duty after his ex-girlfriend notified the PBSO of a “civil dispute.”

When PBSO Deputies came to discuss the matter, the ex notified them that Brack had engaged in several illicit activities while on duty.

According to CBS12, the investigation report revealed that:

*D/S Brack allegedly sent money to different males after having sex with them. Some incidents occurred while he was on duty.

*D/S Brack allegedly engaged in traffic enforcement and seized marijuana from individuals, never turned it into evidence and brought it home for [his ex-girlfriend] to sell.

*D/S Brack allegedly engaged in traffic enforcement and would take money from people.

*D/S Brack allegedly drove [his ex-girlfriend] around in his marked PBSO vehicle, while on duty, when assigned to District 13, to include a shooting in South Bay.

*D/S Brack allegedly sent [his ex-girlfriend] videos and photographs from calls he responded to.

*While on and off duty, D/S Brack allegedly photographed his penis and sent it to males he met on his Grindr social media application.

*D/S Brack allegedly responded to large Hispanic communities while in District 15 to randomly search people and keep their belongings.

Taking down the information, the responding deputy took the details to his higher-ups and an investigation was opened through Internal Affairs.

“Due to the allegations and involvement of a PBSO employee, [the responding deputy] notified his supervisor, [a sergeant who was the District 13 road patrol supervisor], who responded to the scene,” the IA report read. “On June 18, 2021, the PBSO Violent Crimes Division (VCD) opened an investigation [into] misconduct and/or crimes being committed by D/S Brack while on duty.”

To add insult to injury, the ex also provided photos that were not meant to be shared.

Surveillance on Brack carried out by the Tactical Intelligence Unit for less than two weeks revealed that some of the claims were not only probable, but ongoing.

Brack was found to be fudging response times, engaging in activities with less-than-upstanding individuals, and abuse of his authority for personal gain.

Brack admitted to several incidents, including driving with an unrestrained infant in his patrol vehicle and going well over the speed limit.

“D/S Brack acknowledged his behavior to the allegations and incidents discussed are not appropriate, nor a positive representation of PBSO,” the IA report read. “D/S Brack agreed his behavior may discredit or bring embarrassment to PBSO.”

While it could not be proven that Brack violated any laws, he was found to have violated several rules and regulations of the PBSO, including standard of conduct, neglect of duty (2x), improper conduct offenses (3x), and dissemination of information.

Brack has since been terminated.

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