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Florida car dealerships steal parking spots at garages open to citizens for safe keeping during Hurricane Irma


Two Florida car dealerships in the state capital have stirred the ire of local residents after they took advantage of free shelter parking during Hurricane Irma to keep their goods safe during the storm- much to the chagrin of locals who needed to shelter their own vehicles.

Angry Florida State students and locals complained Sunday that they couldn’t park in a covered campus garage because the spots were already filled- with brand new cars from a local Infiniti dealer.

“Don’t be that guy,” Maurina D wrote on the dealership’s Yelp page. “Don’t park your cars in student parking during a hurricane.”

Another social media user and FSU student was equally as upset.

“Hey @floridastate, I pay tuition here. If my car sustains damage, do I get a new infiniti?” tweeted one student.

Originally, the university had graciously opened up the garages to the Tallahassee public to give people a chance to have their cars secured in a safe area during the storm. It wasn’t until locals realized that dealerships were squeezing in that the campus officials and police began to take notice.

According to USA Today, the situation in South Florida wasn’t much better, where a Hollywood dealership faces heavy fines after 40 of their new vehicles were found in a parking lot.

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  1. 40X standard police towing rates for Napleton Infiniti and park their cars in an unprotected tow lot incurring storage charges until they pay. I hope one of the local TV stations has the fortitude to actually report on one of their advertisers.

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