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Flint, Michigan plans to pay police officers less than janitors despite high crime rate

Flint Police Department Chief Timothy Johnson, flanked by officers. Image taken by Zackary Canepari. Credit: Facebook.

If you’re thinking about joining the police force in Flint, Michigan, get used to the idea of being poor.

One of the Rust Belt’s most infamous -and toxic- cities is known for more than violence, bad governance and undrinkable water- they’re also known for paying their officers less than janitors, bellhops and manicurists.

Even with an entry level age of 18, Flint has had trouble getting new officers despite putting out postings for recruits, with starting hourly wages for a FPD officer coming in at about $11.25 per hour.

Deputy Chief Devon Bernritter said there currently are openings for three full-time and four part-time officers, with a 16-18-week academy before they are allowed on the street to the tune of $23,400 per year.

According to Mlive, the city was looking to hire new officers half a decade ago at a higher pay rate, but has since been strapped for cash.

To put it into perspective, the average hourly wage offered by FPD is surpassed by the average wages for crossing guards, security guards, garbage collectors, manicurists, taxi drivers and yes, telemarketers.  According to MLive, janitors make $12.56 per hour, $1.31 more than new police officers.

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