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First female officer in department claims sexual harassment and mistreatment by fellow officers

Courtesy Jack Schulz

A former police officer in Michigan is claiming she was relentlessly sexually harassed and mistreated by members of the Iron Mountain Police Department.

Former IMPD Officer Teresa Williams claims that her former supervisor and former patrol partner had a bet relating to who could sleep with her first, among several other egregious harassment claims.

Williams resigned after four and a half years on the police force, claiming that she couldn’t take it anymore.

“I want to see somebody step in and take action- like hold these people accountable,” she said Thursday. “Just because you wear a badge and you’re a cop, it doesn’t mean you’re above the law. It doesn’t mean you get to treat people however you want and break the law and do whatever you want.”

The troubles began after Williams joined the police department, and reportedly had to engage in an initiation at a local bar.

Joseph Dumais, the deputy director of police services, claimed she had to take a shot of a certain brand of alcohol and make out with him.

When she insinuated that such an initiation was made up, Dumais engaged in the initiation practice with another male.

“Plaintiff refused and said the whole thing was made up. Dumais responded that it was required and that everyone had to do it as standard protocol. To allegedly demonstrate, Dumais took an initial shot along with a former county dispatcher (male) then kissed him. Ultimately, Plaintiff buckled to the pressure and took the ‘IMPD shot’ with Dumais who, as a result, kissed Plaintiff and stated that she was now ‘officially part of IMPD,’” the suit stated.

Garth Budek, Williams’ former patrol partner, reportedly invited her over to his house for movie night, with his wife present during the event.

However, movie night quickly turned into Williams giving Budek oral stimulation, reportedly after the latter pressured the former to do so.

According to NBC News, Williams was subsequently suspended multiple times during her career and even accused of unprofessional activity, such as failing to respond to a radio in a call about a hit-and-run.


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