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‘First Amendment Auditor’ arrested for sexual assault, tased woman who rejected lewd offers while driving her home

Anthony “Minnesota Guardian” Wicklace

A YouTuber who records confrontations with public officials and “First Amendment audits” was arrested after assaulting a woman who had had a possible mental health issue.

Anthony “Minnesota Guardian” Wicklace reportedly pulled up to an active police scene in St. Paul on Sunday, offering a ride home to a distressed woman who police had been assisting.

The St. Paul Police had previously removed the woman from the scene, and when approached by Wicklace in his scanner-equipped Ford Crown Victoria, the woman claimed she saw communications and tactical equipment in the car.

According to FOX 9, Wicklace claimed his name was “Tony,” and that he was trained in de-escalation skills.

After accepting the ride home, the woman entered the car and the pair departed the scene.

On the ride home, Wicklace offered the woman $50 to $100 in exchange for oral sex and masturbated in front her- all while he was driving.

Eventually, Wicklace grabbed the woman’s covered breast.

“You know you want me,” he reportedly said.

Rejecting Wicklace, the woman became afraid when the man began driving more aggressively, taking her into the White Bear Lake neighborhood.

Pushing the woman out of the car, Wicklace tased the woman in the back and attempted to strike her a second time before fleeing.

White Bear Police responded when the woman called the authorities, and the victim was able to remember Wicklace’s license plate number.

Police arrested Wicklace at his St. Paul home on Monday night and was charged with second degree assault and criminal sexual conduct in the 5th degree. Bail was set at $60,000.

Wicklace has nearly 14,000 subscribers on YouTube, where he posts videos of himself conducting “First Amendment audits” and heckles police officers at crime scenes.


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