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Fight over littering leads to discovery of arms cache, grenade, bomb-making materials in vehicle

27-year-old Abdullah Nassie Alrifahe.
27-year-old Abdullah Nassie Alrifahe.

A littering dispute turned into the discovery of a mobile weapons cache in Minnesota’s largest city, including components that could potentially be used for bomb-making.

The discovery came about after a Minneapolis man confronted the occupants of a car on Thursday for throwing food wrappers on the ground. Ignoring him until he began taking down their license number, the occupants then got out of the vehicle and advertised that they were armed.

According to authorities, the man flagged down MPD officers but the vehicle’s occupants -one of which was 27-year-old Abdullah N. Alrifahe- continued to yell at the bystander and resist attempts by the officers to control the situation.

The men repeatedly insisted that they needed to be near the vehicle in order to intercept a delivery drone. Due to the suspicious nature of the incident and the brandishing of weapons, the men were temporarily detained while the officers searched the car.

During the search, authorities found a “hand grenade,” ammunition, rifles and a handgun, as well as cellular phones, computers and other electronic devices to include drone parts.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists say that the materials found in the vehicle could be used for bomb-making.

According to the Star Tribune, Alrifahe was charged with a gross misdemeanor for carrying a pistol in public without a permit, a crime he had previously been convicted of last December.


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