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Feud erupting between NYPD and Hell’s Angels

The Hell's Angels biker club in New York City.  Credit: David Shankbone
The Hell’s Angels biker club in New York City. Credit: David Shankbone

A rumble between the NYPD and the infamous Hell’s Angels is brewing after New York’s finest swarmed the gang’s East Village clubhouse on Tuesday.

Reportedly retaliation for refusing to help solve a shooting, NYPD officers raided the Angels’ HQ and slapped bikers with summonses for any minor infraction they could turn up.

“It was done just to f**k with them,” one police source reportedly said. “They’re not cooperating with the investigation. If they’re gonna give us a hard time, we’re gonna give them a hard time.”

In addition to hitting the bikers with three summonses, NYPD officers also sawed off a metal ramp in front of the clubhouse door and took out a bench.

“We want them to feel our presence and to let them know we are here,” the source said. “They don’t own that block and they have no right to block parking spots for themselves. It’s a public street. They want to bring chaos and outrage into the community, [so] we are going to enforce the law and ensure they are following the rules.”

The incident surrounds the failure of the Hell’s Angels to answer questions concerning a shooting over a parking space in front of the clubhouse, which resulted in one man being shot in the lower abdomen. The victim -25-year-old David Martinez- is also not cooperating with police, reportedly too afraid to cross the gang.

“All witnesses are afraid,” one police source told the New York Post, adding they would likely still testify.


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