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Ferguson interim police chief disgusted by treatment of officers


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Protesters in Ferguson, MO are becoming less and less peaceful and the interim police chief is fed up with the way his officers are being treated, according to a report by Fox 2 Now.

The latest viral video from Ferguson depicts a police officer at a McDonald’s responding to a disturbance call. After the officer arrived on the scene, the crowd, which was beginning to calm down before the officer’s arrival, started calling him names and some protestors even threw bottles at him.

“I was disgusted,” said Chief Alan Eickhoff. “Why are they still saying these are peaceful protests when anybody who watches that tape can see this is not a peaceful protest?”

See full video of the McDonalds protestors here:

Water bottles thrown at officer in Ferguson

This unnamed officer is one of the many African-American officers on the force that Eickhoff claims get singled out are the targets of demeaning language. He also added, “We have a lot of outside forces still coming to Ferguson while we are trying to heal the community they’re trying to tear the community apart.”

Citizens took the time to weigh in on Eickhoff’s comments at council meeting Tuesday night. “I don’t like any negativity in that derogatory name calling ain’t getting nowhere in the conversation,” said resident Anthony Randell. Another resident, Denise Hopple, said, “Everyone is the same you shouldn’t be calling people names I was brought up that way.”

Pam Hylton was appointed interim city manager after the former city manager resigned after the release of the department of justice report.

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