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Female rapper arrested for battery claims police brutality, but has a few facts wrong


By Brett Gillin

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: In the wee hours of the morning in Los Angeles, a rapper was arrested for assault. Now, the morning after the arrest, the rapper is claiming police brutality and taking to social media to garner support. The problem is, videos of the incident seem to contradict the story of overbearing police officers, and witnesses paint a much different picture.

Chanel West Coast, a rapper and star of MTV’s “Ridculousness,” was out at 1 Oak Nightclub in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. According to E! News, when Chanel West Coast, whose real name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley, allegedly got into a fight with a woman inside the nightclub. When security guards saw the fight, they promptly went to break it up and kick the rapper/reality television star out of the club. But Chanel West Coast didn’t go quietly into the night.

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Instead, according to TMZ and a video captured by a witness, the rapper resisted the security guards’ attempts to get her out of the club by kicking them. The security officers performed a citizen’s arrest, then offered to let her go, but allegedly, the diminutive rapper had a little more fire in her. Chanel West Coast allegedly punched the security guards, who then called the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department to take the woman away.

As you can see in the video, Chanel West Coast argued with the security guards as they awaited police backup. The security guards, in a remarkable expression of patience, calmly explained the situation to the rapper and how she could have avoided a night in jail.

“I told you you could go home after you kicked me and then you punched me,” one of the security guards told Dudley. “I tried to let you go home. Understand that. Too late now.”

Then, Dudley vacillated between being apologetic and asking for her release by asking “Can you just do me a favor? I am a normal ******* girl,” before and dropping a wonderful version of the old “Do you know who I am?” routine when she told the security guards “I’ve been on TV for 17 seasons!”

“Congratulations” one of the guards can be heard exclaiming.

When the sheriff’s department came they led her away and brought her to jail, where she was booked and released on $500 bond. The next morning, Dudley took to Twitter to claim police brutality.

“I was violently held by 2 huge men cops last night for nothing and have bruises all over my arms,” Dudley tweeted. She then went on a brief tirade against police and their brutal ways. Now we’re all left to wonder if this is worse than this video, where Dudley freaked out with another epic “Do you know who I am” during Coachella when security guards wouldn’t let her in the VIP area.

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