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Female police officer seriously injured by crazy, axe-wielding man in England



A crazy, axe-wielding man put a Sheffield neighborhood on edge in South Yorkshire, England this week.

It all started when police were called to an apartment on Plowright Close, Gleadless Valley on Wednesday evening.

A neighbor in the building told police that a woman came out of the residence and screamed: “[her boyfriend had] lost his mind, the aliens were chasing him and he was trying to kill the police officers that I’d just seen running up the stairs.”

One witness described seeing “a bodybuilder with an axe ” pursuing a female officer who was “half staggering” and “half falling out” of a stairwell of the apartment.

As police tried to arrest the man involved in the domestic dispute, he fled to a nearby co-op store where he reportedly started “hurling missiles at the staff.”

The 30-year-old suspect managed to grab a baton from an officer and use it against the police during the confrontation, local media outlets reported.

The man was finally arrested after being tasered by police inside the co-op store and he’s now facing attempted murder charges.

The police woman had to have surgery after suffering a fractured skull and leg, as well as severe injuries to her hands–which were sustained while she tried to defend herself against the attacker.

Four other male officers suffered less serious injuries during the attack– the BBC reported.

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