Home News Female assassin caught on video killing 5 men in Mexico (graphic content)

Female assassin caught on video killing 5 men in Mexico (graphic content)


Mexican officials are on the hunt for a female assassin who took out five young men at a wedding anniversary party in Veracruz.

The shooting took place on Monday evening, when the woman and her male comrades pulled up to a street party on motorcycles.

Identifying her targets, the female gunman silently set about her work, opening fire and slaughtering five of the party-goers with quick efficiency. Two others were wounded in the assault.

While authorities were called and dispatched within minutes, the dust had already settled on the scene and the hitmen were nowhere to be found.

Not exactly an ideal vacation spot, Veracruz is a state infested with cartels and the frequent scene to inter-syndicate violence.

According to the Daily Mail, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel and Los Zetas are the two dominant gangs in the area, with the latter being created after Mexican special operations troops formed their own crime syndicate.

The cartels in Mexico are often ruthless, committing to killings on such a large scale that even a single attack has the potential to rack up massive casualties.

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  1. What kind of gun can be shot one-handed with absolutely zero recoil and extreme muzzle flash?

    The kind that shows up in fake videos.


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